5 Star Client



                                First Star:         Plan for Sufficient Income in Retirement

                      Second Star:        Assess Amount of Portfolio Risk

                      Third Star:            Protection Against the Unforeseen

                       Fourth Star:          Legal Documents in Place

                       Fifth Star:             Fund Your Dreams and Legacy


Our goals as a firm are to have each of our clients become Five Star Clients. The five stars represent goals for different financial areas of their lives.

The first star denotes having a plan for the income you need in retirement for your unique lifestyle. Financial confidence is knowing you have planned to have enough money to live the rest of your life.

The second star represents having frequent assessment of the risk allocation in your investments. Too often individuals have come into our office thinking they have a certain amount of risk only to discover their portfolio says something completely different.

The third star is to have a plan for protecting your assets against the unforeseen occurrences life brings. Having a potential financial solution for the unexpected may help reduce your worries.

Our fourth star is having your legal documents in place. These include Wills, Power of Attorney, Living Wills, and Trusts. One of the most important aspects is making sure your wishes are established and known by your loved ones.

The last star is your dreams and legacy. What do you have passion for? What inspires you? We can then work on a plan together with you designed to help make these important features (just as important as the other stars) a reality.

Becoming a Five Star Client is a process that helps our clients organize their life and financial confidence. We’d love to navigate through this experience with you.