What distinguishes us?

I want to share with you our service model and the way we serve the teachers of Highland County. The most important component that distinguishes us is our emphasis on the relationship with the teacher. Working with our clients, we love to listen to them, hear their stories, and really get to know them. This allows us to know how they feel, what brings them concerns and what really inspires them. In turn, this permits us to better understand what solutions may be appropriate for their particular situation.

If you are looking for someone that wants you to sign here and you’re done, we are not for you. If you’re looking for someone that you can say to, “here’s my money, I’ll pay you to handle it,” we are not the advisor you want. At the end of the day, it’s not as much about your money as it is about you. We want to know you and have a plan to see your dreams come true. We are “The Client First. Our Name is Our Philosophy.”